John M./Irving W., a SHARE match that works

John M. is a charming and healthy Octogenarian who has been living in Sebastopol for well over twenty years. He formerly resided in the outskirts of Sebastopol and could no longer drive. John required a location within walking distance to the Sebastopol town center.  

With the help of his friend, Marian, John made contact with several resources in Sonoma County, including SHARE. When a potential placement came up through SHARE, John was responsive and appreciative. John was matched to a home provider, Irving, who owns a residence within walking distance to the town center of Sebastopol. The rental is a detached private Master Suite that affords independence for John along with the means to remain connected to his community.  

John has some commonalities with Irving including a long-term membership in the beloved Sebastopol Senior Center.  Both men are quite active and always on the go, providing an inspiration to us all.

Kudos from John’s friend Marian: “SHARE was a godsend for John. He is an elder who needed a share rental or modest costing place and I am an elder helping him.  I have no idea how we could have found him a place without SHARE’s help.  And that SHARE vets both the seeker and the person offering the place – what a blessing!” Marian McDonald

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