Capistrano Community Home, housing many

Homeowners Jerry and Jean gave their family home to SHARE Sonoma County in the fall of 2015 to operate a community home as they downsized and purchased a new second home outside the Petaluma area. SHARE has been operating this 6-bedroom home ever since. Most of the tenants have lived there for minimally 3 years and several ever since its inception. They all pay a minimal rent and help care for their home. All of the occupants have either come from homelessness or this community home has preventing them from becoming homeless. SHARE has plans to expand this model of shared housing in Sonoma County going forward.  

The family wants to keep these 5 women and 1 man in this home and would like to sell the home at a reduced price to SHARE to own and operate and manage. We are looking for capital dollars of $745,000 to do this. SHARE is planning to create an ADU on the property which will increase the value of this home by at least $100,000 to 150,000.  

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please consider making a contribution to our capital campaign to ensure this community home is available for this critical housing. Click here to make a donation through Paypal.