Chris Z. with Gene C, a new start in life

Chris Z. is in his mid-60s and came into the SHARE program through the Redwood Gospel Mission’s New Life Program in 2017. With a history of addiction, Chris has maintained his sobriety now for more than 4 years. His hope was to find affordable housing to support his steadfast commitment to his recovery and to achieve his educational pursuits and hobbies. Chris diverse interests include music, personal development, and helping others.  

Chris began classical piano lessons at the tender age of five. His discipline, skill, and eloquence led to many statewide competitions. Currently, Chris owns a keyboard and continues to play in his spare time. Hearing him play is an astounding and mesmerizing experience. 

After his university studies at Texas A & M, Chris pursued a career as an Aerospace Engineer/Rocket scientist. For well over a decade, Chris contributed to designs that flew on the space shuttle. He also developed and designed cutting-edge solid rocket Ignition technology. A subsequent career transition led Chris to the field of Information Technology as a Computer Systems Engineer where he soon formed his own Network Services Company. 

Currently, Chris is fully ensconced in Transactional Analysis and his goal is to get certified, saying “I am hungry to learn.” He is a huge asset for the SHARE program providing compassion and assistance to vulnerable, elderly seniors. Chris currently cares for Gene who is 78-years old and bedridden requiring personal care and someone to lift and turn him. 

Chris has reached several personal milestones during his time as a caregiver at SHARE, including improving his overall health. His next goal for teeth implants is described on the SHARE website. SHARE would like to acknowledge and thank Chris for his dedication to SHARE as we continue to support his goals and endeavors.  

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