Genny (Provider) / Sybal (Seeker)—Sonoma Valley

Genny is an 85-year-old female who has been living in her current home for 12 years.  An avid volunteer and very active, she suffers from mobility issues related to her knees.  She also is no longer able to drive due to her eyesight “not as good as it used to be.” As her housing costs increased overtime and with limited Social Security income, it became more and more difficult to keep her head above water financially.  Genny contacted SHARE Sonoma County in late January 2017 to open her home to be matched with someone seeking housing.

Sybal is in her early 70’s and had moved to the area in early 2016 to help her sister who had become ill.  After her sister’s situation stabilized, Sybal’s limited income and lack of resources proved challenging in finding new housing.  She heard about SHARE from the local senior center and within 3.5 weeks, was matched to Genny and moved in February 1, 2017. Sybal pays partial rent and helps by cooking meals and driving Genny to her volunteer locations and any errands she might have.

Both Genny and Sybil feel this is a perfect match and get along quite well together. Sybal has been afforded the time to develop her graphic art business and has many hobbies that complement Genny’s interests.  Each provide the other with valuable support and friendship.