Constantine, In Memoriam (Provider) / Chris (Seeker) — Santa Rosa

Constantine is middle-aged male who suffers from a degenerative physical disability and has a history of nervous breakdowns.  He lives in Burbank Housing in Santa Rosa and has a 2-bedroom Live-in-Aid HUD Section 8 voucher. For years Constantine had been in and out of the emergency room almost on a weekly basis, with countless doctor appointments and relatively little support. He is becoming weaker and finding it more and more difficult to walk. He requires supervised care and has a full-time In-home Support Services (IHSS) worker, FeFe, who supports his daily care needs at his home. Due to his vulnerabilities, he also needs to have someone live with him.

Chris was in his late 60s when came into the SHARE program through the Redwood Gospel Mission (RGM).  With a history of addiction, Chris had completed a 9-month program at the RGM, and maintained his sobriety for more than 2 years and was highly recommended for placement. His hope was to find affordable housing to support his commitment to his recovery and to accomplish his educational pursuits and hobbies. 

When Chris moved into the household in August 2017, Constantine was often admitted to the hospital emergency room due to significant health concerns which included having a catheter and needing a lot of monitoring and support.  Chris and the IHSS Worker have worked collaboratively to meet Constantine’s needs and Constantine’s health and mobility has markedly improved since Chris’ arrival.

Chris is a classically trained pianist and formerly played with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  He owns a keyboard and continues to play in his spare time, which is a delightful occasion for the household. Constantine said, “Chris is taking a meditation course online and we both practice it. Meditation has helped me deal with the pain and it works.”  They are relaxed with each other and happy in each other’s company.  

Constantine, Chris, Fefe, SHARE meet periodically to continue with safety planning and any strategies or ongoing support that the household might need.