Cate (Provider) / Joanie (Seeker) — Petaluma

Joanie was in her mid-60s with low income when she was hit by a car while on her bicycle, incurring a knee injury that left her with limited mobility. After a stressful year, she lost her housing and ended up at COTS, the local homeless shelter.   

Cate is a smart friendly 98-year-old elderly female who requires a walker to get around and needs full-time supervised care and assistance. Cate’s adult son contacted SHARE to see if someone could move into her home with her so she had nighttime care. Cate has several women who rotate to take care of her on specific days during the daytime. 

Joanie was matched with Cate and provided a bedroom in Cate’s home. Joanie prepares meals, provides companionship and helps ensure Cate is safe at nighttime. They are well matched and have become fast friends with great trust in one another. Without the stress of not having a home, Joanie is now back to her favorite thing to do which is to sew and makes clothes for the household. Joanie says, “I had been looking for housing for a long time and I love being here. I can’t thank you enough. I am grateful for my home and I belong here with Cate.  We talk all the time and play cards and have fun! If two people were ever at the right place at the right time, it was us!”