Donna, now happily aging in place

Donna is a senior home owner with Parkinson’s who was referred to SHARE in late summer 2016. She was found multiple times in the middle of the road in the middle of the night by neighbors and 9-1-1 had been called more than 10 times. APS and The Linkages programs in the Sonoma County Human Services Department made the initial referrals.   It was discovered that her meds were extraordinarily mismanaged and conflicted with each other, creating hallucinations that caused great distress. She also required assistance with grocery shopping, light cooking, and support managing the overall household We matched a home seeker with her in October 2016. Laurie was in need of housing and described meeting Donna as a turning point in her life.  Both women instantly liked each other and have now lived together for well over three years and have formed a strong kinship. The chemistry involved with each match is a unique venture. Recently, Alison joined the household and has proven to be a valuable addition to the team, complementing Laurie’s style and providing seamless support to Donna.   Now, under Lia Russell’s case management at SHARE, Donna has two women living with her in the available bedrooms, as well as another woman who provides daytime, private care for Donna. As a result, Donna has been able to safely remain in her home and is happier for it.  SHARE is part of the team and communication has been critical during local disasters, heat waves, and or medical updates. HOW CAN YOU HELP? Maybe you know a senior who needs similar help and has a room and home to share. Maybe you have a room to house a vulnerable member of our senior community. More of our elderly are becoming homeless by the day. Please click here or call us at SHARE.  

Capistrano Community Home, housing many

Capistrano Community House

Homeowners Jerry and Jean gave their family home to SHARE Sonoma County in the fall of 2015 to operate a community home as they downsized and purchased a new second home outside the Petaluma area. SHARE has been operating this 6-bedroom home ever since. Most of the tenants have lived there for minimally 3 years and several ever since its inception. They all pay a minimal rent and help care for their home. All of the occupants have either come from homelessness or this community home has preventing them from becoming homeless. SHARE has plans to expand this model of shared housing in Sonoma County going forward.   The family wants to keep these 5 women and 1 man in this home and would like to sell the home at a reduced price to SHARE to own and operate and manage. We are looking for capital dollars of $745,000 to do this. SHARE is planning to create an ADU on the property which will increase the value of this home by at least $100,000 to 150,000.   HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please consider making a contribution to our capital campaign to ensure this community home is available for this critical housing. Click here to make a donation through Paypal. 

John M./Irving W., a SHARE match that works


John M. is a charming and healthy Octogenarian who has been living in Sebastopol for well over twenty years. He formerly resided in the outskirts of Sebastopol and could no longer drive. John required a location within walking distance to the Sebastopol town center.   With the help of his friend, Marian, John made contact with several resources in Sonoma County, including SHARE. When a potential placement came up through SHARE, John was responsive and appreciative. John was matched to a home provider, Irving, who owns a residence within walking distance to the town center of Sebastopol. The rental is a detached private Master Suite that affords independence for John along with the means to remain connected to his community.   John has some commonalities with Irving including a long-term membership in the beloved Sebastopol Senior Center.  Both men are quite active and always on the go, providing an inspiration to us all. Kudos from John’s friend Marian: “SHARE was a godsend for John. He is an elder who needed a share rental or modest costing place and I am an elder helping him.  I have no idea how we could have found him a place without SHARE’s help.  And that SHARE vets both the seeker and the person offering the place – what a blessing!” Marian McDonald HOW CAN YOU HELP? Your donations keep people who are facing homelessness housed and healthy, while they contribute as caregivers and pursue their life goals. Click here to help SHARE continue to do its work to find homes for our most vulnerable. 

Chris Z. with Gene C, a new start in life


Chris Z. is in his mid-60s and came into the SHARE program through the Redwood Gospel Mission’s New Life Program in 2017. With a history of addiction, Chris has maintained his sobriety now for more than 4 years. His hope was to find affordable housing to support his steadfast commitment to his recovery and to achieve his educational pursuits and hobbies. Chris diverse interests include music, personal development, and helping others.   Chris began classical piano lessons at the tender age of five. His discipline, skill, and eloquence led to many statewide competitions. Currently, Chris owns a keyboard and continues to play in his spare time. Hearing him play is an astounding and mesmerizing experience.  After his university studies at Texas A & M, Chris pursued a career as an Aerospace Engineer/Rocket scientist. For well over a decade, Chris contributed to designs that flew on the space shuttle. He also developed and designed cutting-edge solid rocket Ignition technology. A subsequent career transition led Chris to the field of Information Technology as a Computer Systems Engineer where he soon formed his own Network Services Company.  Currently, Chris is fully ensconced in Transactional Analysis and his goal is to get certified, saying “I am hungry to learn.” He is a huge asset for the SHARE program providing compassion and assistance to vulnerable, elderly seniors. Chris currently cares for Gene who is 78-years old and bedridden requiring personal care and someone to lift and turn him.  Chris has reached several personal milestones during his time as a caregiver at SHARE, including improving his overall health. His next goal for teeth implants is described on the SHARE website. SHARE would like to acknowledge and thank Chris for his dedication to SHARE as we continue to support his goals and endeavors.   HOW CAN YOU HELP? Your donations keep people who are facing homelessness housed and healthy, while they contribute … Read More

Constantine, In Memoriam (Provider) / Chris (Seeker) — Santa Rosa

Constantine (Provider) / Chris (Seeker)—Santa Rosa

Constantine is middle-aged male who suffers from a degenerative physical disability and has a history of nervous breakdowns.  He lives in Burbank Housing in Santa Rosa and has a 2-bedroom Live-in-Aid HUD Section 8 voucher. For years Constantine had been in and out of the emergency room almost on a weekly basis, with countless doctor appointments and relatively little support. He is becoming weaker and finding it more and more difficult to walk. He requires supervised care and has a full-time In-home Support Services (IHSS) worker, FeFe, who supports his daily care needs at his home. Due to his vulnerabilities, he also needs to have someone live with him. Chris was in his late 60s when came into the SHARE program through the Redwood Gospel Mission (RGM).  With a history of addiction, Chris had completed a 9-month program at the RGM, and maintained his sobriety for more than 2 years and was highly recommended for placement. His hope was to find affordable housing to support his commitment to his recovery and to accomplish his educational pursuits and hobbies.  When Chris moved into the household in August 2017, Constantine was often admitted to the hospital emergency room due to significant health concerns which included having a catheter and needing a lot of monitoring and support.  Chris and the IHSS Worker have worked collaboratively to meet Constantine’s needs and Constantine’s health and mobility has markedly improved since Chris’ arrival. Chris is a classically trained pianist and formerly played with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  He owns a keyboard and continues to play in his spare time, which is a delightful occasion for the household. Constantine said, “Chris is taking a meditation course online and we both practice it. Meditation has helped me deal with the pain and it works.”  They are relaxed with … Read More

Cate (Provider) / Joanie (Seeker) — Petaluma

Cate (Provider) / Joanie (Seeker)—Petaluma

Joanie was in her mid-60s with low income when she was hit by a car while on her bicycle, incurring a knee injury that left her with limited mobility. After a stressful year, she lost her housing and ended up at COTS, the local homeless shelter.    Cate is a smart friendly 98-year-old elderly female who requires a walker to get around and needs full-time supervised care and assistance. Cate’s adult son contacted SHARE to see if someone could move into her home with her so she had nighttime care. Cate has several women who rotate to take care of her on specific days during the daytime.  Joanie was matched with Cate and provided a bedroom in Cate’s home. Joanie prepares meals, provides companionship and helps ensure Cate is safe at nighttime. They are well matched and have become fast friends with great trust in one another. Without the stress of not having a home, Joanie is now back to her favorite thing to do which is to sew and makes clothes for the household. Joanie says, “I had been looking for housing for a long time and I love being here. I can’t thank you enough. I am grateful for my home and I belong here with Cate.  We talk all the time and play cards and have fun! If two people were ever at the right place at the right time, it was us!” 

Genny (Provider) / Sybal (Seeker)—Sonoma Valley

Genny (Provider) / Sybal (Seeker)—Sonoma Valley

Genny is an 85-year-old female who has been living in her current home for 12 years.  An avid volunteer and very active, she suffers from mobility issues related to her knees.  She also is no longer able to drive due to her eyesight “not as good as it used to be.” As her housing costs increased overtime and with limited Social Security income, it became more and more difficult to keep her head above water financially.  Genny contacted SHARE Sonoma County in late January 2017 to open her home to be matched with someone seeking housing. Sybal is in her early 70’s and had moved to the area in early 2016 to help her sister who had become ill.  After her sister’s situation stabilized, Sybal’s limited income and lack of resources proved challenging in finding new housing.  She heard about SHARE from the local senior center and within 3.5 weeks, was matched to Genny and moved in February 1, 2017. Sybal pays partial rent and helps by cooking meals and driving Genny to her volunteer locations and any errands she might have. Both Genny and Sybil feel this is a perfect match and get along quite well together. Sybal has been afforded the time to develop her graphic art business and has many hobbies that complement Genny’s interests.  Each provide the other with valuable support and friendship.

Maudee, In Memoriam (Provider) / Marie Antoinette

Maudee, In Memoriam (Provider) / Marie Antoinette

Marie was newly homeless, living in her car when she called SHARE early July 2017.  Within a few days she was matched with Maudee, who lived in Petaluma. Marie provided care and companionship for Maudee. They became very close and with Marie’s care, meals and companionship Maudee’s health improved significantly in the year plus that they were together. And in a beautiful ending to a wonderful life, Marie was by Maudee’s side when she passed away.